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New Board of Governors elected

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

At the monthly meeting on May 16, the membership in attendance unanimously elected a new president, vice president, sales governor and marketing governor. The new board, as of July 1, will be:

President: Stan Austin
Vice President: Jay Pauer
Past President: Mike Boyna
Secretary: Christine Cloutier Pfenninger
Treasurer: Eileen Gilligan
Facilities: Randall W. Knott
Marketing: Rob Reinalda
Sales: Barb Giblin
Education: Elyse Willis

Proposed Bylaws Changes

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

The Business Planning Committee made certain recommendations for bylaws changes, which eventually morphed into a larger bylaws change, primarily focused on the season selection process and the related committees. The Business Planning Committee approved these draft bylaws changes as a recommendation to the Board. The Board approved these draft bylaws on June 24 as a recommendation to the membership. Please read the revisions. They will be presented at the August membership meeting for further discussion and the vote will be at the September membership meeting. (more…)

Updated Bylaws

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

A bylaws update regarding the payment of members involved in the Educational program was approved by the membership at last Tuesday’s general meeting (2/19/2013). Read the WDI Bylaws approved by membership Feb 19, 2013.

Proposed Bylaws Changes

Friday, December 21st, 2012

In our on-going attempts to make WDI a better, more future-proof organization, your friendly neighborhood WDI board would like to propose some changes to how board members are elected, how long our terms are, and how many terms we can serve consecutively. These changes require a vote by the membership. The two PDF files that follow are a summary of the changes, and a copy of the full bylaws with the changes marked.

Bylaws – Summary of Changes

WDI Bylaws with Changes

Here is an example of the effect these proposed changes would have on the  2013 and 2014 elections:

Bylaws examples

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