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Cast announced for ‘The Producers’

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Director Craig Gustafson proudly announces the cast of the hilarious musical comedy, “The Producers,” running May 26 through June 18.

The cast is as follows:

Max Bialystock — Ken Kaden

Leo Bloom — Benedict L. Slabik II

Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yonsen Tallen-Hallen Svaden-Svanson — Heather

Franz Liebkind — Lars Timpa

Roger DeBris — Mark A. Hutchison

Carmen Ghia — Steven Krage

Usherette 2 (Others) — Lauren Bass

Donald Dinsmore (Others) — Joe Billquist

Lick Me, Bite Me (Others) — Breanna Ghostone

First Nun (Others) — Abigail Hamilton

Springtime for Hitler Tenor (Others) — Scott Kelley

Hold Me, Touch Me, Pretzel Girl (Others) — Aimee Kennedy

O’Houlihan (Others) —  TBA

Beer Girl (Others) — Emma Lanners

Mr. Marks, Jason Green (Others) — Jim Martin

Kiss Me, Feel Me (Others) — Kate McIlvain

Judge (Others) — Anthony Mele

Shirley Markowitz, Sausage Girl (Others) — Heather Miller

Valkyrie Girl (Others) — TBA

Jack Lepidus (Others) — Jeff Pripusich

Trustee (Others) — Alex Rogers

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